Occupy Your Happiness

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Choose to Occupy Your Happiness

Chuck Locy

Dec 04 2011

Occupy Happiness: Each day is a new day to create your life. Do not chase things thinking they will make you happy. For what purpose? If happiness is the goal, go there first. Each of us is susceptible to having bad days. Or at least to have bad things happen at anytime. It is our reaction to these things that can determine our happiness. No one is exempt from things going wrong. Being disappointed, or being betrayed by friends and loved ones. These things happen. It is part of our humanity. We must learn to accept these things. Not that we should lower our personal standards. We must uphold our standards. In so doing, we will create more happiness. Learn to forgive and forgive often. Forgive others and do it often. Be genuine. Forgive and move on with your dreams. And forgive yourself. Don't beat yourself up. Learn from it. Forgive and move on with your dreams. Love life and life will love you.

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Self employed for 30 years. Has studied extensively about personal development and growth.

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Choose to Occupy Your Happiness